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Process of becoming a taxi driver

This information is provided for people looking to become drivers or operators in the taxi industry. It explains how to become a Taxi Driver, and provides links to various websites where you can view Government legislation that governs the Taxi industry in Canberra. More information is available at Aerial’s Driver Training school (61261570).

Give information for jobs and drivers wanted at Aerial, how to become a Taxi Driver, and the various websites where you can obtain more information regarding the Taxi industry in Canberra.

Basic Process of Becoming a Taxi Driver:

  1. Find a sponsor with the assistance of Aerial Capital Group
  2. Apply for a Police character check
  3. Complete a Medical check at Health Services Australia
  4. Complete a minimum of eight to ten hours jockeying before attending the training school.
  5. Complete training course including;
    1. Complete a test radio booking
    2. Complete 30 minutes dispatch centre training at the base
    3. LPG Dispensing test (Verbal)
    4. Pass Theory Test
    5. Pass Practical Test
    6. Wheelchair Test
  6. Complete a minimum of thirteen hours more jockeying
  7. Acquire a “T” endorsement on driving license from Department of Urban Services
  8. Appear in uniform at Aerial Capital Group base and agree to;
    1. Abide by rule regulations and by-laws
    2. Network affiliation and Cabcharge agreement

When all these stages are complete Aerial Capital Group will issue you with a network identification number and PIN allowing you to work on the Aerial Capital Group network.

This whole process generally takes around 8-10 weeks to complete.