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    •  09-12-2015 Drivers of the Canberra Elite Taxi fleet are now able to make phone contact with their customer whil
    •  08-12-2015 As part of a customer service initiative, Canberra Elite has introduced a 5 star driver rating syste
    •  16-10-2015

      Canberra Elite Taxis are not involved in the independant strike action organized by taxi drivers

    •  20-10-2015 A recent United Nations labour body resolution demands that countries ensure passenger safety and dr
    •  23-06-2014 Canberra Elite strongly supports this 13Cabs initiative and this training video is being used to tra
    •  17-10-2013

      Champions ACT is a campaign that encourages young people aged 18-24 years to look after their fri

    •  19-04-2013 Canberra Elite web booking system has been updated. Please clear your cache and remove the Canberra
    •  24-02-2011 Welcome to Canberra Elite's New Website
    •  14-12-2010 Canberra Elite and Orbital Liquid LPG Injection are working together to promote the benefits of LPG
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