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Phone : 132 227

Other Services

Easy Cab

Easy Cab is our booking system for customers who make large numbers of bookings. If you are a pub, club, hotel, reception, restaurant or other that would like an easier way to make bookings then call us on (02) 6126 1500 or
Email Us.

Parcel Delivery

With the largest fleet of vehicles in the Canberra region ready for immediate pick up we can transport your goods quickly and cheaply, with trips starting from $11.80.

Job logging and GPS vehicle tracking will ensure that your parcel arrives quickly and securely.

City Tours

For a unique tour of Canberra, its landmarks and its history, call now to arrange a tour. Whether in town for a day, or you have an hour to kill before your flight, our experienced drivers will give you a tour you won't forget.

You can catch a cab at a designated rank or book on 13 2227.

Group Bookings

Save on standard taxi fares and waiting time when booking for 5 or more passengers. Ask for a high occupancy taxi (up to 11 passengers) and one of our modern range of vehicles will transport your group in comfort.

For Group Bookings Email to

Or Call 02 6126 1600

For groups greater than 11 people, contact our sister company, BUSme transport, which provides high occupancy vehicles seating 11 to 24. For a quote or to make a booking please with them please visit or call 6126 2844.

Online Booking

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