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Drivers of the Canberra Elite Taxi fleet are now able to make phone contact with their customer while a booking is active.

By calling the Aerial base on a dedicated phone number, Canberra Elite drivers will be seamlessly patched through to their existing customer's contact details.

Please be aware that the personal contact details of taxi drivers and customers are kept private and not shared with either driver or customer when phone contact is made.

Some of the benefits of this service include helping drivers to locate their customers and also letting customers know that they are waiting.

Strict customer service rules apply to this driver privilege.


As part of a customer service initiative, Canberra Elite has introduced a 5 star driver rating system for desktop and mobile website bookings. Book and Track on the Canberra Elite website or web app and rate your drivers service. Your ratings will assist us to continually improve our service to you.

Independant Strike Action

Canberra Elite Taxis are not involved in the independant strike action organized by taxi drivers and operators scheduled for this Wednesday 16th September from 8am – 11am. We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience.

The level of frustration in the taxi industry has reached a point where industry participants are trying by any means to have their voices heard by their community. We certainly understand the real concerns of taxi drivers and owners.

The prevailing conditions in the taxi industry due to the entrance of companies such as Uber have been grossly unfair. The response by governments on addressing the regulatory challenge has been too slow. Action taken to stop these large global corporations from making a mockery of our legal system while they make their regulatory decisions has been ineffective.

Governments need to act urgently and start ensuring that emerging technologies abide by our legislation. Taxi drivers and operators are legitimate small business owners working hard to make ends meet in a highly regulated environment with significant associated costs. The situation in Canberra threatens to become unsustainable.

We will continue to impress on the ACT Government the importance of a level playing field and will make every effort to maintain a constructive working relationship as they work through associated policy issues. One real test for any change is to guarantee real and lasting customer benefits in both service and price. We sincerely hope Canberra passes this test.

A recent United Nations labour body resolution demands that countries ensure passenger safety and drivers’ rights before considering allowing ride-sharing apps such as Uber to enter their markets. The Transport Workers’ Union (TMU) has warned that states will be breaching Australia’s international obligations unless they ensure passenger and driver safety and rights under any legal changes to allow Uber to operate.

Working with passengers who have disabilities

Canberra Elite strongly supports this 13Cabs initiative and this training video is being used to train all Canberra Elite drivers.

Champions ACT

Champions ACT is a campaign that encourages young people aged 18-24 years to look after their friends and have a safer drinking experience on a night out in Canberra. Thank you to Canberra Elite's Sunny for doing this interview with ChampionsACT to help promote safer ways to travel to and from licensed venues, and raise awareness about drink driving and pedestrian safety.

Canberra Elite
Canberra Elite web booking system has been updated. Please clear your cache and remove the Canberra Elite site from your bookmarks before booking

Welcome to Canberra Elite's New Websites
Welcome to Canberra Elite's New Website

Canberra Elite's Orbital Liquid Injection Taxi
Canberra Elite and Orbital Liquid LPG Injection are working together to promote the benefits of LPG Liquid gas systems. Canberra Elite will have three Canberra taxis presented in the green livery during 2011. These cars are our presentation vehicles to convey the message that liquid gas injection provides an 11% reduction in carbon. Ie C02 savings. These cars are fitted with the new liquid gas fuel systems. Canberra Elite's service centre in Fyshwick will be installing the new Liquid gas equipment in the cars that we add to our Canberra Elite taxi fleet, from February 2011. This new approach will improve the operational efficiency of our fleet and make a contribution to reducing greenhouse gases.

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