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ETA Message

ETA Message is a new service that Canberra Elite offers which allows real time communication between you and your taxi. This is made available through Aerial’s extensive use of modern communications and information technology systems.

Please note that to receive the SMS message your mobile phone account must be enabled to accept Premium SMS messages. Please contact your mobile phone provider if you are unsure whether or not you are eligible.

What is ETA

ETA is a service that alerts you that your taxi is approaching. If requested, an SMS will be sent to your phone alerting you to the taxi number and the expected arrival of your taxi.

Benefits of ETA

Safety & Comfort

You do not need to wait on the kerb in the cold, the heat or in the dark waiting for your taxi to arrive. Wait inside in the comfort and safety until you get your ETA message, and then walk outside just as your cab is pulling up.


The message will give you real time information on the expected arrival time of your taxi.

Identifying your Taxi

You will Know which taxi is your taxi because the taxi number will be sent to you along with the ETA. This is particularly useful if you are waiting at a public place where others are also waiting for a taxi.

Taxi Driver Confidence

Taxi drivers will know that you as a customer will be there waiting for the cab to turn up. The drivers will also gain more confidence that you will get in their cab, and not another cab that has just turned up.

How does ETA work

ETA MessageWhen making a booking you will be asked if you would like an ETA message sent. You will also be asked for the mobile number for the message to be sent to, and finally you must agree to the terms and conditions of ETA.

Your booking will now be marked as requiring a return message. Once the job is offered to the fleet and accepted by a taxi the system will decide when to send the message.

If the taxi is very close to the pickup address then you will be sent a message immediately saying that the taxi will be there shortly.

If the taxi is coming from a little further away, then the system will wait until the taxi is within a prescribed distance and you will be notified that your taxi will be there within a few minutes.

The driver will know that you have received a message and will be looking for you upon arrival.

The message will look something like this;


Cost of ETA

Using ETA will not affect your taxi fare, however there is a carrier charge of $0.75 GST inclusive for the SMS that provides the confirmation. This charge covers the cost of sending the message as well as the infrastructure and development required to allow the service to operate. Your mobile carrier will bill this charge as part of your normal phone bill. If you do not accept this charge then the confirmation message cannot be provided.

When you make a taxi booking you will be asked if you want to permanently record your acceptance of this charge to your phone account. If you register acceptance you will not be prompted on each call to accept the $0.75 charge on each booking. 


ETA on Timesaver Bookings

Aerial is currently working on allowing ETA messages to be generated from both web and SMS bookings.


Our new ETA system was developed with the assistance of feedback from both customers and drivers. Aerial welcomes feedback including any other suggestions you might have. Please contact us.

Warranty with ETA

This message is intended as confirmation that a taxi has been allocated your booking and includes an estimated time of arrival. Best endeavours apply and we are mindful of traffic delays and other unforseen circumstances (Eg. Accidents and Breakdowns).

The $0.75 message cost is a payment made for the return SMS message. Once the message has been delivered the cost cannot be refunded.